LISDIS Presentations now available on Slideshare

LISDIS 2015 took place on Saturday 14 November 2015 and was hugely successful. The organisers would like to thank our sponsors, our speakers, and the attendees for making the day so enjoyable.

The slides from each presentation have now been uploaded to Slideshare and can be accessed by clicking the links below:

10.30-11.30 Collections and discovery

Sarah Hume: Wine, Witchcraft, Women, Wool: Classifying Women’s Studies collections

Lizzie Sparrow: The use of an academic library’s discovery layer: an ethnographic approach

Lucy Saint-Smith: “La Femme Bibliophile”: Women as book collectors in an age of bibliomania. This presentation has an accompanying bibliography which can be downloaded from Google Drive here.

12.00-13.00 Public libraries and the community

Ian Clark: To what extent do community libraries address the concerns of the digital divide?

Alanna Broadley: The provision of lesbian fiction in public libraries in Scotland

Martyn Greenwood: Graphic Novels in England’s Public Libraries

14.00-14.45 Guest Speaker

Emma Coonan: Publication without tears: tips for aspiring authors

15.00-16.00 Valuing the library

Natasha Chowdory: Measuring the value of a corporate library

Marion Harris: An investigation into the effect of increased tuition fees on the attitudes and opinions of UK academic library staff towards their customers and their roles

Sonja Kujansuu: Libraries under attack: the destruction of libraries and the role of the international community in protecting and aiding libraries


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